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Many dream of collecting artwork of the famous Salvador Dali - Have you?


They began "collecting" Salvador Dali twelve years ago, including original lithographs, dry point etchings, embossed lithographs, aquatints, and wood block lithographs. The majority of their purchases were through the established 'Dali Art Dealers' in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, one of whom was the late TR Rodgers.

At the time they were all aware of the fraudulent prints floating around the world, but Salvador Dali was a great artist of the Twentieth Century. It was expected that within a few years after Salvador's death in 1989 the scandals would subside and the value of his artwork increase.

For those who bought his art on that premise, the market is still evolving. Many specialized 'Dali Art Dealers' tell potential clients that they should never purchase artwork for appreciation of value, only for the personal enjoyment and pleasure the piece brings to their life. But they also give a different underlying message as well, a more subtle one that say's to you, "'This particular piece of Dali art is under-priced and a very good value for the long-term."

Many collectors have watched over the past decade as original Dali lithograph prices have steadily increased or in the case of paintings have dramatically increased.

In essence, for many years the Dali market was controlled by a small handful of 'Dali Art Dealers' that mass marketed to the affluent through TV commercials and direct marketing campaigns. Dali being the most popular artist in the world is relatively easy to sell.

A recent quote found in the Wall Street Journal, circa late 2010:

"Over the past five years, the average price paid at auction for a late-period Dalí has risen from $108,634 to just over $1 million, according to Art Research Technologies, a New York-based consulting firm that tracks auction prices."

So where does that leave the thousands of Dali collectors who are looking to aquire Dali's works? For those thinking about buying Dali art be very cautious, and buy from a reputable dealer who is highly recommended. Here is a list of well respected Dali dealers:

  • Dali .com - The Salvador Dali Society® in Los Angeles
  • The Minotaur Gallery in Las Vegas
  • Daliprintgallery.com
  • Martin Lawrence Gallery, throughout the US
  • Merrill Chase Gallery in Chicago

For those thinking about buying the latest hot artists, also be very cautious. Even of those 'Dali Art Dealers' with 'good' reputations offer you the works of a new hot artist be sure to do your due dillegence. Don't rely on astronomical auction results for the works of an uknown artist.

Now, back to speaking about the secondary Dali market. Here are a two auction results that make 'Dali Art Dealers' proud of their recommendations:

Christies London, Feb 9, 2011...
Study for Honey is Sweeter than Blood
1926 Oil on Panel
14 7/8” by 18 1/8”
Estimate $3,200,000 to $4,800,000
SOLD $6,570,152

Sotheby’s, London, Feb 10, 2011..
Portrait of Paul Eluard
1929 Oil on Board
13” by 9 7/8”
Estimate $5,600,000 to $8,000,000
SOLD -$21,696,000

So the bottom line is, buyer beware in the Salvador Dali art market. Make sure you're dealing with a reputable dealer, like the ones listed above. But if you are being offered the latest hot artist instead of Dali and being told that you are making an investment, do your due dillegence.

Dali art is not a short term investment - what you pay to a 'Dali Art Dealer' is an expense that you the you should expect to grow over the years.

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