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Many dream of collecting artwork of the famous Salvador Dali - Have you?


They began "collecting" Salvador Dali twelve years ago, including original lithographs, dry point etchings, embossed lithographs, aquatints, and wood block lithographs. The majority of their purchases were through the established 'Dali Art Dealers' in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, one of whom was the late TR Rodgers.

At the time they were all aware of the fraudulent prints floating around the world, but Salvador Dali was a great artist of the Twentieth Century. It was expected that within a few years after Salvador's death in 1989 the scandals would subside and the value of his artwork increase.

For those who bought his art on that premise, their investment and potential profits have never happened. Many specialized 'Dali Art Dealers' tell potential clients that they should never purchase artwork for appreciation of value, only for the personal enjoyment and pleasure the piece brings to their life. But they also give a different underlying message as well, a more subtle one that say's to you, "'This particular piece of Dali art is under-priced and a very good value for the long-term." Don't believe it!

Many collectors have watched over the past decade as original Dali lithograph prices have remained stagnant, or in many cases the prices have dropped.

In essence, for many years the Dali market was controlled by a small handful of 'Dali Art Dealers' that mass marketed to the affluent through TV commercials and direct marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, for those who bought Dali under these circumstances, it soon became evident that there was no secondary market to sell to.

In fact, in most cases, there is no one to sell to at any reasonable price close to what had been paid to the 'Dali Art Dealers'. The Internet auction site e-bay broke the backlog of Dali art owners who had been unable to liquidate their artwork - but at substantial losses to their original purchase prices.

So where does that leave the thousands of Dali collectors who in all likelihood paid retail+ when they acquired their Dali art in the late 1980's and 1990's? "Holding the Bag" is an expression that comes to mind. Unless they decide to liquidate for losses in excess of 50-70%, they must continue to hold the art and watch their capital investment continue to erode.

What to do? That's an excellent question!

For those thinking about buying Dali art, be very cautious, even of those 'Dali Art Dealers' with 'good' reputations. The reason - those dealers will not help in the future you decide to sell the artwork you bought from them! It will be up to you to figure out how to get your money out, and the reality is you very likely will not be able to!

In fact, the secondary Dali market is so weak that it makes no sense at all to even consider buying from these 'Dali Art Dealers' at their inflated prices. With e-bay and other private parties anxious to sell their art at substantial discounts, that is now the way to go.

So the bottom line is, buyer beware in the Salvador Dali art market. Yes his art is beautiful on the wall, and if that's what you want - Great. But if you are being told that you are making an 'investment' - run as quick as you can!

Dali art is not an investment - what you pay to a 'Dali Art Dealer' is an expense that you will never recover!

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